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I truly believe that partnering with Sceptre is one of the best decisions we have made since the inception of our renal program. Sceptre has a solid team of knowledgeable professinoals in the revenue cycle management and I am continually impressed with their impeccable customer service with fast turnaround times for addressing any deliverables. Their meaningful reporting provides a timely oasis of data that helps inform financial decision making and program management.
As a new dialysis center in need of contracting with various managed care companies, we were fortunate to find Sceptre just at the right time. Sceptre accelerated the process for payer contracting for our center and their seasoned experience in renal care reimbursement has been an asset for us in negotiating favorable payment rates from managed care companies.
I recommend Sceptre to any renal provider looking for a value enhancing partner in reimbursement and revenue cycle management.

Jonathan MawereLNHA, MHL, DPT, MD

Sceptre has an extremely knowledgeable training officer; this ensures that the account specialists hit the ground running… Sceptre has never let me down.

Lynn ReisenbergDialysis Director BSN, MSLA, RN, CPA

All of our billing is done through Sceptre Management. The staff is friendly, efficient, and very helpful… I can highly recommend Sceptre Management.

Allen L. RadaRNC, CDN, CEO

Our staff wanted to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all the training and ongoing suppoert we receive from Sceptre. Our gross revenue increased by over 20% when we changed to Sceptre billing service. Our billing specialist is wonderful! She is so tenacious when we have payment problems. She never gives up trying to resolve payment issues or finding insurance policy numbers. She has taught us so much about the billing process and how we can mitigate and navigate issues from our office. When we are unable to manage from the office and call or text the Sceptre office for assistance a response comes within the hour.
We just can’t say enough good about our three years of service from Sceptre. We encourage any practice to investigate the benefits available to your specialty through their services.

Dr. Susan Agres

We have been a client of Sceptre for over 8 years. I am so thankful that we found Sceptre. We will not use any other company.

John R. HedrickOwner

I am confident that by using their services we have the tightest and timeliest revenue cycle management possible.

Karen KellyMHA, BSN, RN, CNN