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Why Choose Sceptre?

Our talented team of professionals eliminate the headaches of billing through communication, compliance, meaningful reports, and software flexibility.

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Exceptional Talent

We resolve headaches with turnover and dollars. No more headaches and stress of turnover and training staff. We have exceptional revenue cycle specialist talent, with over 60 years in medical billing experience just within our management team. When you hire us you not only get a knowledgeable dedicated revenue cycle specialist, but you also get two more layers of talent with our Team Leads and Director of Operations. We hire problem solvers who are willing to learn and keep abreast of the ever-changing insurance billing regulations. Our team is willing to go the extra mile for you and not just capture the easy dollars. We capture the hard dollars that require hours on the phone and detailed knowledge of the data needed to capture full reimbursement on every claim. We have the ability to scale quickly to your volume needs.

Superior Communication

We do not want to overburden you and your team with questions. We handle the billing questions efficiently and deliver collaborative meetings to help strengthen your reimbursement and cashflow. We know the more cohesively our team works with yours, the better your reimbursement will be. We have some clients who want to meet monthly to review their accounts receivables, and other clients who prefer to meet weekly. We are happy to accommodate whatever level of communication your team desires with our team.

Education & Compliance

We hold mandatory compliance meetings for our internal team to remind them of why we do things the way we do at Sceptre. We abide by all state and federal laws to stay in compliance and deliver ethical services. Our staff members hold memberships in many of the same professional organizations our clients belong to. Our staff regularly participate in webinars and training hosted by payers, and we hold internal training meetings when payers release regulation changes that affect our client's reimbursement. We study the annual Medicare final rules that pertain to our client’s medical specialties and give our clients feedback on how the new regulations will affect them and their business.

Meaningful Reporting

We have a dedicated client dashboard where your practice data can be trended over time to evaluate the financial health of your practice. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual data is easily viewed with pdf, excel and csv formats. Your RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) specialist will provide the reports you would like to see each month—and they can be downloaded at any time. We can customize any RCM report to meet your needs. If you have a certain procedure, modality, or provider that you want to track and trend, we can do it.

Software Flexibility

We can work with any EHR (Electronic Health Record). Our clients do not have to buy software and may utilize whatever EHR they are comfortable with. Our billing software can be customized and programed easily to accommodate any specialty.