Interventional Nephrology and Vascular Access Procedures

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Experts in the complex and intricate

We have experience working with both interventional nephrologists who perform vascular access procedures as well as interventional cardiologists who perform lower extremity revascularization procedures. Each of these specialties provides an invaluable service to the patient and comes with its own set of reimbursement challenges. The complex and intricate nature of these procedures require a keen eye for detail when pursuing reimbursement.

Prevent revenue loss with experienced coders

The CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes and regulations that represent common vascular access procedures change frequently and drastically, making experienced coders an integral part of the revenue cycle in this specialty. We are uniquely positioned to be an asset in preventing revenue loss. Our coders ensure the services billed align with your documentation, and our revenue cycle specialists fight with the payers to ensure reimbursement is received.
Our reporting suite provides transparency in the revenue cycle with our weekly accounts receivable reporting.

The right documents when you need them most

Vascular access procedures can be costly, and as a result many payers demand medical records before they will issue payment. Our revenue cycle specialists are well versed in providing medical records that demonstrate the medical necessity of procedures and following up with the payer to make sure they review the records in a timely manner.

Regular audits ensure accuracy

We can provide audits on chart documentation to assist providers in ensuring documentation contains the level of detail necessary to obtain maximum reimbursement. We find it is a best practice to perform a general audit on an annual basis. We can provide many types of audits to provide feedback on compliance and revenue maximization.

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