Nephrology Billing

Alleviate administrative burdens.

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Solutions for every size and scope

We have worked with many nephrology practices that vary in size and scope. Some practices have a focus on pre-ESRD patients, while others see mostly ESRD (End Stage Renal Dialysis) patients. The one commonality among nephrologists is that they see patients in a variety of locations, which takes up much of their time. We work with clinicians to alleviate the administrative burdens that come with their practice. Because we are focused on the administrative tasks, providers can focus on providing excellent patient care.

Avoid revenue slipping through the cracks

We often consult with practitioners regarding the services they are providing to their patients and how those services may be reimbursed. We find that frequently nephrologists are performing many of the elements necessary to receive reimbursement for Transitional Care Management or Chronic Care Management, but are not billing for them. Remote Patient Monitoring is another reimbursable service that is also a natural fit in many nephrology practices.

Revenue cycle management

In a physician office, staff turnover often can be the source of many headaches. We solve this problem by employing excellent revenue cycle managers to maximize cashflow and help keep you up to date with ever-changing billing and documentation regulations. We send monthly statements to your patients, and your professional revenue cycle specialist will assist your patients with any questions they may have regarding their bill.
In nephrology practices there is a frequent need to verify patient insurance coverage and assist with authorizations. We assist nephrology practices with both items and can provide tools to help your front desk staff operate more efficiently.

Accurate data, exceptional auditing

A standard component of our data capture and charge entry process is a review of the billing data to provide a second set of eyes to verify compliance and identify opportunities to increase revenue. In the event we identify opportunities for revenue increase, we provide actionable feedback to providers.
As a practice grows, providers may have diverse levels of experience regarding documentation and code selection. We can provide audits on code selection based on chart documentation to assist providers in assigning codes that accurately reflect the work they are doing and match the documentation in the patient’s medical record. We find it is a best practice to perform a general audit on an annual basis. We can provide many types of audits to provide feedback on compliance and revenue maximization.

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