Wound Care Billing

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Meet a diversity of needs

Wound care practices are as diverse as the wounds they treat. Some practices are mobile and operate in nursing homes, while others are in an outpatient clinic. Both practice types come with their own unique challenges and needs. Specifically, documentation requirements for wound care procedures are incredibly detailed and if all requirements are not met, reimbursement may be lost. We have experience auditing and reviewing wound documentation to ensure the tissue quality, wound measurements or other wound attributes support services rendered to prevent revenue loss.

Worry less about staff turnover

We help alleviate headaches caused by staff turnover by employing skilled revenue cycle managers to maximize cashflow and help keep you informed about shifting billing and documentation regulations. We send monthly statements to your patients, and your professional revenue cycle specialist will assist your patients with any questions they may have about their bill.

Accurate data

We assist wound care practices with verifying patient insurance coverage and authorizations, and we also work with your staff to provide tools that can help them operate more efficiently .
We review billing data as part of our data capture and charge entry process to provide compliance peace of mind as well as identify opportunities to increase revenue. When we do identify revenue increase opportunities, we provide actionable feedback to providers.

Reports that matter

We support your staff with documentation and code selection by providing audits based on chart documentation. This helps your staff assign codes that accurately reflect the work they are doing and match the documentation in patient medical records. We can provide various types of audits for feedback on compliance and revenue maximization. We have found that it is a best practice to perform a general audit annually.

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