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Payer Contracting

Maximize your revenue.

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Payer Contracting

Our mission has always been to maximize revenue for our clients. This begins with payer contracting. Many payers will try to negotiate a lower reimbursement rate and/or manipulate contract verbiage in efforts to minimize the services and procedures they are contractually obligated to reimburse. Having an experienced professional as a partner in payer contracting is integral to your financial success. We have a team of professionals who have assisted in contract negotiations with many payers, across many states. These professionals are well versed in what should be included in the payer contracts as well as fair rates for services rendered to benefit our clients. Successful payer contracting involves several elements. We are familiar with all of them and can help as much or as little as you need.

Contract Applications

Contract applications can be lengthy and may require copious amounts of incredibly detailed information as well as copies of documents. We can prepare contract applications for your review and upon approval, submit them to the payer in conjunction with any documentation the payer requires.

Rate Proposals

During our time in business, we have been successful in assisting our clients obtain higher rates than those proposed by payers in the initial copy of contracts. We want to help you too.

Follow Up

All too often, we see payers drop the ball in processing contract applications and finalizing contracts. Our team of persistent and professional contract negotiators is processed and loaded into the payer’s system as quickly as possible.